Our services center on the combination of technology, data, analytics / reporting, and strategy consulting.  These components allow us to  help our financial services and government clients transform their data, gaining more insight into their performance.  The overall result is the ability to make more profitable policy and strategy decisions.

Analytics & Reporting

As organizations rely more and more on data for important decision-making, the pressure on internal resources to produce accurate, timely reporting increases. The key to leveraging good reporting and analysis is the rapid implementation of the most important results.

Balancing the pressures, TrueNorth can alleviate workload and priority issues by becoming an extension of your existing IT and analytical groups. Our Business Intelligence (BI) service complements your existing analytical functions and can provide direction for future decisions.

All TrueNorth analytic reporting systems can be implemented on your existing systems with your current BI tools or as an independent reporting package—maintained on our servers. Clients have access to a secure web-based portal with an online user-friendly tool or via a direct link from your corporate Intranet. Because we understand the importance of your need for speed to market, all standard monthly and time series trend reports automatically updated within hours of receipt of any incremental performance data, such as monthly performance updates.

Solutions Using

Our Reporting & Analysis Platforms or Yours

Better, faster decision making with SAS and SQL platforms
Our use of SAS® Visual Analytics  or Microsoft Power BI gives you information when you need it, in the format you need. By integrating data from a variety of business areas and delivering self-service reporting and analysis, your IT department spends less time responding to requests, and business users spend less time tracking down information. Both platforms also offer an integrated, robust and flexible presentation layer for the full breadth of analytic capabilities including statistics, predictive analytics, data and text mining, forecasting, and optimization––all integrated within the business context for better, faster decision making.  


"Improve your business decisions through data driven strategy"
TrueNorth develops and executes winning marketing and credit risk management strategies for both customer acquisition and customer management across a variety of products and portfolios: 

Personal Loans/Lines
Business Loans/Lines
Credit Card
Auto Loans
Home Equity Loans/Lines

Together, we evaluate your current criteria, product, policy or procedure. Next, we review your current and future goals for your product and department. Then we help design the best practices strategy to meet business objectives, while maximizing learning around control strateies.