Federal Government

Small Business Administration (SBA)

TrueNorth (TN) assisted in establishing best practices in credit risk management for the SBA’s multi-billion dollar 504 and 7(a) business portfolios, and for the Office of Disaster Assistance (ODA) business loan and home loan portfolios.

 TN established portfolio monitoring processes for the 7(a), 504, and Disaster portfolios.  We continue as the lead contractor to manage the credit scoring, portfolio monitoring,  reporting / analysis, and forecasting  for the Disaster portfolio of home and business loans.  In addition SBA has hands on access to their data via SAS Visual Analytics.


Let Us Help

Faced with limited budgets, our Government clients rely on us to optimize the use of their IT and Analytic budgets.  Our clients call on us for data integration, database development, credit risk and portfolio marketing management, model development, validation and implementation, data analysis and key metric reporting, as well as leveraging end user reporting and analysis tools. 

We enhance our clients ability to achieve their agencies mission while saving them time and money. To learn more about how TrueNorth can contribute to your agency’s success.

TrueNorth maintains Professional Services- 00Corp and IT Professional Services-70 contracts with GSA.

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farm Credit administration (FCA)

TrueNorth (TN) worked with FCA to define business requirements for a best in class reporting and analysis DataMart for their loans and institutions.  Subsequently, we were designed, developed,  tested, documented, and trained the users on the DataMart.

The DataMart was developed to fit the current FCA environment of SQL Server, SSIS and SSAS.  Power BI and Qlik were selected as end-user tools.

Results from the project include faster data analysis, redefinition of a customer based on the integration of the data, and a consistent definition and view of loan level and institution level data across the organization.