Turn data into strategy

TrueNorth develops and executes winning marketing and credit risk management strategies for both customer acquisition and customer management across a variety of products and business lines.

Together, we evaluate your current criteria, product, policy or procedure. Next we review your current and future goals for your product and department.  Then we help design the best practices strategy to meet business objectives, while maximizing learning around control strategy.

TrueNorth services support program and policy design surrounding:

  • Idea screening
  • Market potential
  • Competitive and market research
  • Business and financial planning
  • New product/program development
  • Experimental design
  • Selection and targeting criteria
  • Policy and procedure best practices

Strategy Development

The business strategy is developed and forecast in concert with your goals and objectives. We work with your internal teams and external vendors to develop, implement, execute and analyze the program or policy results.


lines of business

  • Personal Loans/Lines
  • Business Loans/Lines
  • Credit Card
  • Auto Loans
  • Home Equity Loans/Lines
  • Mortgage
  • Telecommunications
  • Insurance

“Improve your business decisions through data driven strategy.”